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Newly-Named 'BuySide Partners' Celebrates 10 Years Helping IT Buyers Better Evaluate, Purchase, and Implement Complex Technology

IT Buyer Advocate Re-Focuses the Business and Announces Veteran Team

King of Prussia, PA / Feb. 15, 2012 — Chris Panaro today announced the re-naming and re-organization of BuySide Partners (www.BuySideIT.com), formerly A-Frame Technology Assurance that focused on technology risk management. The name change more accurately reflects the company's dedication to helping IT buyers make smarter procurement and investment decisions.

In addition to the name change, the company has narrowed its business focus, working solely as a buyer's advocate and as a project success advocate by negotiating and managing the sourcing process on behalf of its clients. Teaming with management, BuySide uses a proven, pragmatic approach for Strategic Sourcing, Decision Infrastructures, and Communications Outreach.

This event also marks a ten-year relationship supporting the DoD's IT sourcing initiative (known as DoD ESI), an official Department of Defense initiative sponsored by CIOs from all military departments and civilian agencies that helps IT buyers obtain the best value on commercial software, IT hardware, and services. DoD ESI consolidates requirements and establishes agreements with IT providers, resulting in a unified contracting and vendor management strategy across the entire department. To date, DoD ESI has reported over $4 billion in cost avoidance.

BuySide Partners is led by Chris Panaro, a founding principal at A-Frame Technology Assurance, who has developed and implemented best practices in procurement, contracting, and operational process methodologies for more than 25 years. Chris leverages his law degree and practical approach to project management in advising government and commercial clients. Chris managed the IT contract risk management practices and authored a best practice contract for use by commercial clients for multi-million dollar ERP, CRM, and custom software projects.

Other principals at BuySide Partners include:

  • Bob Moyer, who co-founded and grew Aston Brooke and Aston Brooke Software that ultimately sold to Platinum Technologies; also founded software company FullTilt Solutions that specialized in enterprise product information management.
  • John Zettler, a pricing and contract finance specialist with expertise in IT services and enterprise software acquisition; also served senior management positions with large government contractors and suppliers.
  • Tom Crawford, an IT contracting specialist who led and grew business units at SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and BMC; also served as CEO of Cyber-Ark, a security software firm.

"After working on the sales, marketing, and delivery side of information technology businesses for many years, we recognized the critical need to help IT buyers as they evaluate, purchase, and implement complex technology," said Chris Panaro, managing partner at BuySide Partners.

BuySide Partner's team also includes TME Communications, an IT-focused marketing and UX design firm that supports BuySide in the development of decision infrastructures and the deployment of communications outreach for its government and commercial clients.

About BuySide Partners

BuySide Partners is dedicated to helping IT buyers make smarter procurement and investment decisions for software, hardware, and services. Teaming with management, we use a proven, pragmatic approach for Strategic Sourcing, Decision Infrastructures, and Communications Outreach. Learn more: www.BuySideIT.com

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