Clients & Programs

BuySide forms partnerships with its clients to support programs at a global scale.

DoD ESI (formerly known as DoD Enterprise Software Initiative), is an official Department of Defense initiative sponsored by CIOs from all military departments and civilian agencies to help information technology buyers obtain the best value on commercial software, IT hardware, and services. Through its joint team of experts, DoD ESI consolidates requirements and establishes agreements with IT providers, resulting in a unified contracting and vendor management strategy across the entire department.

  • COTS Software Training—ongoing series presented to IT buyers in DoD.
    The curriculum incudes products/pricing, software contracts, implementation,
    and ordering.
  • Best Practices for Negotiating Cloud-Based Software Contracts—a DoD ESI white paper that offers guidance to IT buyers on the differences between purchasing perpetual software and renting Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Products & Pricing Portal—under the DoD ESI program, BuySide Partners developed new capability for IT buyers across the DoD to access, sort, and analyze product and pricing data for commercial software applications. The pilot release covered products available from Adobe, Gartner, iGrafx, Microsoft, Minitab, PowerSteering, and RWD. When fully deployed, this valuable market research tool will provide access to over 50,000 commercial software products and IT services offered by DoD ESI vendors. In addition, a private price-benchmarking tool was been developed by BuySide to provide DoD buyers with actual prices paid for thousands of IT products. This capability was in rapid response to a House Armed Services Committee report recommending that the military departments and civilian agencies share pricing data before making their purchase of any IT assets.
  • Best Value Toolkit—a resource that combines commercial best practices with DoD ESI's many years of experience in commercial software acquisition in the DoD. This toolkit enables IT buyers to customize tools for a variety of situations.
  • DoD ESI Communications Outreach Plan—integrated roadmap and tactics for creating awareness and driving usability with IT buyers across the DoD; plus programs designed for sustaining relationships with participating vendors.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Toolkit—an unbiased resource for IT buyers provides decision-analysis tools and contract-related forms that streamlines the process of understanding, evaluating, and acquiring SaaS offerings through
    the DoD ESI.

Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) is the Army's "primary source" for IT via an e-commerce based website. CHESS provides a flexible, no-fee strategy to procure commercial off the shelf (COTS) IT hardware, software, and services— used by more than 750,000 Army personnel who also leverage standard contract vehicles, consolidated buying, waivers, and other private capabilities.


Department of the Navy (DON) The DON CIO develops strategies, policies, architectures, standards and guidance, and provides process transformation support for the entire Department of the Navy. Additionally, the DON CIO ensures that the development and acquisition of IT systems are interoperable and consistent with the department's objectives and vision.

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Item Unique Identification (IUID) is a system and method for marking and identifying discrete tangible items or assets throughout the DoD supply chain. The "Mark", known as the Unique Item Identifier, improves data capture and holds 100x more information than traditional bar codes. IUID provides faster, more efficient item acquisition, deployment, and repair to better support our Warfighters. The DoD, its coalition partners, and contractors benefit from improved logistics, contracting, and financial transactions.

  • IUID Implementation Toolkit—a resource that streamlines the implementation of unique identification technology throughout the DoD and its supply chain. The toolkit provides specific roadmaps and tools for Defense Suppliers, Program Managers, Maintenance Depots, and Operations and Field Maintenance.

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is an independent agency that manages the civil service of the federal government. OPM uses a rigorous selection process during its recruiting efforts chartered to maintain the appearance of independence and neutrality in the Administrative Law System. OPM is also responsible for managing government-wide security clearances.

  • EHRI Workforce Analysis Toolkit, which equips human resources and human capital analysts with new capabilities to improve the quality of Human Capital services. Utilizing a quantitative approach, this toolkit increases insights and communications among human resources professionals by providing access to documents and analytical tools for accurate evaluation and planning of human capital assets.