Government Agencies & Programs

Since 2002, the BuySide team has supported the Department of Defense (DoD) in a variety of roles and projects. With the goal of saving taxpayers money, BuySide has helped the DoD acquire and manage commercial software and systems integration services for billions of dollars worth of IT investments. Our focus on government IT spending leverages all three key BuySide offerings:
IT acquisition & sourcing, educational events, and communications outreach. These services have been consistently performed for the DoD ESI—an official initiative sponsored by CIOs from all military departments and civilian agencies to help information technology buyers obtain the best value on commercial software, IT hardware, and services.

Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) Supported by BuySide Partners

Introduced in 2012 by Congressman Darrell Edward Issa, the bill has been gaining momentum over the last 12 months. High program failure rates and cost overruns still plague up to 80% of large government IT programs, according to industry statistics. Some have estimated the cost to the taxpayer to be as high as $20 billion wasted each year. FITARA will ensure uniformity and consistency in the IT acquisition process, eliminate redundancy and waste, centralize knowledge, adopt best practices from private sector, and institutionalize best practices in an efficient and effective manner.


While predominately supporting government agencies and programs, the BuySide team also delivers services to various commercial clients in diverse industries ranging from Life Sciences and Retail to Financial Services.